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Excuse Me Doc, Where Do You Suggest I Go

To Get Printable Doctors Excuses 

A Doctor’s excuse? For what? You don’t need one.

Go tell your boss or your teacher you didn’t feel like coming in. Ok, don’t do that. But tell him/her what the heck, “i was sick as hell and i have got a fake doctor’s excuse”

well, i just thought about that one too, and i don’t think it would work.

In all seriousness, why do we need a doctor’s excuse? Think about it for a few seconds. I mean we all run into some type of minor sickness every now and then. I know i don’t run to the Doctor every time i feel sick. doctor’s cost money, for sure.

Besides that’s why we have over the counter medications, so we can nip the symptoms right in the butt. I suspect you found this site because you were interested in something like: doctor’s excuse, printable doctors excuses, good sick excuses, sickday excuses, and so on.

There is a catch-22 here, however. And i would tell you in simple terms. I am sure you agree we don’t have to be super sick in order to miss work. After all, our teachers or employers expect us to perform everyday when we show up at school or work.

So if you are sick and feel like missing work or school, it shouldn’t be hard to explain this to your employer in simple terms.

Key #1. Honesty

Listen, this is the hard one because it takes guts to appeal to someone’s mercy and live with result or decision. So as a result people would think of good sick excuses to use all day.

Key #2. Doctor’s Excuse is Risky

Here we’re talking about fake doctor’s excuses. So be careful when you are tempted with this one. If caught, you lose your job any way or you will be expelled from school.

Bottom line, most people do not miss work because they are sick. They miss work or school because of their activities in their private life. Clubbing, drinking, family emergency, and so on.

The fact is there is no doctor’s excuse for any of the above.

Honestly, you know what i would suggest if you’re going to lie:- Just tell them you were sick or you had a family emergency, but ( big BUT here) make sure you call them on your absence day to let them know.

If you’re going to resort to old and tired tactics like a fake doctor excuse letters then my friend yor worries would be just bigger if your employer or the school ever tries to dig deeper and starts calling this non-existent doctor of yours.

I know you would probably come across sites that promise they have the best printable doctor excuses – be careful my friend. I know them all and seen them all. They capitalize on your emotional decisions. They will get richer by selling you these letters the advertise for entertainment purposes only, but you would probably triple your worries about missing on work becaus enow you have the added pressure of providing a fake doctor’s excuse letter.

That’s a lose-lose situation. Want to know what works best – Apologies!

You either get a break for that day or you would live with consequence of their decision with out having the added pressure of providing a fake document that could probably ruin your ability to get any future jobs.

I found this in one site and i thought there had to be out of their mind for providing this pic as a printable doctors excuse.



Are you kidding me? Anyone would common sense would not fall for that. I know i wouldn’t. In the end, it’s your call. make sure you make the right call.

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Print Out A Doctor’s Excuse

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If you have come this far, you must be searching for information on “how to print out a doctor’s excuse” or something like that. Right?

Well first thing first,  Be Really Careful.

This is not something that should be taken as a joke. If you want to print out a Doctor’s excuse, for anything other than entertainment purposes, then you are not thinking.

If you’re looking for information on how to get a Doctor’s excuse and you’re willing to risk getting caught, then you are basically trying to dodge a problem with a bigger problem.

Let’s say you were sick or had one drink too many last night and missed on work or school or whatever, do you think it’s best to try to concoct a story that could – if you’re caught – would land you in a bigger heat.

It doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

You’re probably going to come across sites  that are willing to sell you “a doctor’s excuse”, but proceed with caution my friend. This people are not telling you the consequence of such an action and they’re in it for pure profit.

An example of one of the sites i found states the following in their disclaimer:

 Disclaimer: This Novelty Fake Doctor’s Excuse is designed for printing and framing and although it may look real it is not a substitute for a real Dr. Excuse and should only be used for entertainment purposes.

In the end, no matter what you think or how stressful a situation, you’re better off to admit your mistakes and appeal directly to whoever is you’re thinking of presenting your “doctor’s excuse” to.

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Getting Out of Jury Duty – What Excuse is Acceptable?

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By Roy Leadwell

Everybody hates to get that notice to serve in the mail. The first question that goes through your mind is how do I get out of this one? Well there are excuses that will allow you to get out of this service. Do you really want to miss work and have to sit waiting to see if they are going to put you on that jury, all those questions going through your mind, what are they looking for? Can I just act like a crazy person? No, there is an actual list of viable excuses that can be used to get out of showing.

The first thing you need to do is write your excuse down and send it to the proper court. Remember that you need to use their questionnaire and be specific about your reason for being exempt. This is important because if it is incomplete or not on the list, you may be required to be there for that specific case. Do not wait too long, there is a time limit when you must send in the form to serve, if you wait beyond the time you will be required to be present on the date of the case.

There are several excuses that work, the first would be that your age is over 70. It is easy because they only require proof of age. Another reason for getting out of serving is if you have children or an elderly person in your care. In this situation you will have to explain this situation but usually more often than not it will be no problem with getting out of serving. If you are a member of a volunteer ambulance or firefighter unit you are immediately excused.

If your job importance is so great that the business could fail if you were not there you can be excused. Usually this is a person who is a business owner and they are the one in charge. Dentist, Nurses, Lawyers and Doctors profesions will be excused because they are important to society and will have no problem. If you are disabled and can not reach the courthouse because of your disability you will be exempt as well.

If you have an excuse that needs an in depth explanation you need to be present at the courthouse when it is your time to be selected so you can explain the situation.

Just remember not to disregard any jury duty summons, it is important to contact them and honor your legal obligation or submit the reason you can not.

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